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In the beautiful wilderness of Northern Minnesota, we began this campground as a way for outdoor enthusiasts to come together.  We enjoy the comaraderie of our guests and we see that you all are enjoying the area and each other as well.  The tales are endless at the end of the day, while being told over a bonfire or in the lodge.  Come for the fun and enjoyment, stay for the adventure....


For everyone's enjoyment of your temporary home away from home...




The Shower House

“I was out for a fall utv ride and at one trail heads I saw a sign that said Stompin' Grounds 3 miles. I figured it would be some small hole in the ground and wouldn't even be open. Boy was I wrong! Pulled up and there's have been at least 40 wheelers in the parking lot. Nice big modern building and even extra parking for people with trailer so you could leave from there with your wheeler and hit the trails (best trails I've been on). Not only that but they also have a huge campsites too. Food is very good bar food. Very cool place out in the middle of the best trails in northern MN, what else could you ask for!”

- Josh Kliniski

“#1 in my book. Great hosts Steve, Connie and now Derek. Great food and atmosphere at the lodge; not to mention the fully stocked bar including Quality Old Milwaukee Light beer in the bottle. YES!!! In fact all of there beer is bottled, besides tap beer and cocktails. Want a great place to meet your friends this is it. Camp, eat, drink and ride the many trails. Dirt Bike, ATV'S and Snowmobiling right out the door. Give this place a try. You won't be disappointed.”

- Timothy Munn

“Stopped in off the trails on Saturday. Had Mushroom n Swiss Burger..Jenny had deep fried Scallops. The food was EXCELLENT....

The service was AWESOME!!!!


Thank you VERY much for the experience. We WILL be back!! You gained 2 new fans!!!!”


 - John Torrey

We do this for FANS like YOU!


Everytime we read or hear something like these sentiments, we melt inside.

Thank you to each and every person who will visit us!  We can't wait to see you!

Steve & Connie Werner



Our Lodge menu is filled with hearty, mouthwatering meals to suit most any appetite, large or small. 


Come for our Burgers or schedule your Event with us!

We are please to offer our human guests, a clean and comfortable shower house. 


If you are not camping, and would like to shower, stop in at the lodge and ask about our $5 clean up.


While there, grab a bite to eat and stay for the music and fun!

We all "go", right?


Our guests will love the warm and modern bathrooms.


Remember to do your part to help keep it tidy and share any needs with us right away!

















Each site has a fire

pit just for you to tell stories, sing and cozy up next to your darlin'.


If you need some wood to keep the good times rolling, come up to the Lodge before 9 and we'll help you out. 


It's available for $8 a bundle.

For our fur-guests, we require a leash at all times.  Safety is paramount and we also don't want our furry friends to become lost in the forest.


Please remember to pick up when they "go".


As a favor to your pet and other guests, please don't leave them behind when you travel off on your adventure.  Take them along with you.

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